Dordrecht 800

Logo Dordrecht800 // logo-dordrecht800.jpg (168 K)In 2020, a visit to Dordrecht is definitely worth your while. We’ll be celebrating the fact that 800 years ago, Dordrecht was the first city to receive town privileges, making it the oldest city in Holland. A celebration that is set to last 366 days! There will be events, special exhibitions and activities in the city’s various neighbourhoods throughout the year.

Dordrecht’s famous past spans 800 years. From premier city of Holland to having an empress as its governess. From an influential trading hub to a place where important decisions were made. From illustrious highlights to disastrous pitfalls, which the city overcame time and again. Thanks to this evolution, Dordrecht has become the majestic city it is today, where the past is still very much visible and where the city’s history is palpable on its old streets and in its ports. Dordrecht, a city we can be proud of!

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