For young adventurers

What makes a visit to Dordrecht particularly appealing to children? Using these tips they can playfully discover the city and the natural world.

Urban farm Weizigt Dordrecht

The Weizight Sustainability Centre
Chickens, goats, rabbits, cows, horses and so many other animals live on the urban farm in Weizigt Park behind the city’s central station. They graze in the pasture or sleep in their warm stables or hutches on the farm of the Sustainability Centre. The animals are fed every day at 4 pm and of course you are invited to join in the feeding fun.

Playing outdoors
In addition to the urban farm, Weizigt Park also has a playground where you can climb, play on the swings, or enjoy an adventure on the zip wire.

If you like being creative with branches, building a hut, sailing a raft, and romping around, then head to the play forest in Hollandse Biesbosch or the play forest of Boswachterij De Elzen.

Put on your wellies and take the solar-powered ferry from Biesbosch centre to the Griendmuseum trail in Hollandse Biesbosch. See the houses of the griendwerkers, or willow cutters, and find out where they used to sleep and cook. Or rent a boat to sail through the tiny creeks in this area. Take a peek at the beaver dam in Beverbos, where this rodent lives. You may even get lucky and spot one.

Dordrecht view from Grote Kerk

Climbing towers
The tower of Dordrecht’s Grote Kerk leans even more than the world-famous Tower of Pisa. Take a deep breath before you decide to climb up the 275 steps to the top. But once you’ve made it up there, you can catch your breath and enjoy the stunning views of the city and the surrounding area. On clear days, you can see all the way to Rotterdam.

Visiting Simon van Gijn
Two hundred years ago, Simon van Gijn and his family occupied a stately townhouse along Nieuwe Haven. Simon was a banker as well as an avid collector. You can see his large collection of antique toys in the attic. After the van Gijn family’s death, the city decided to transform the house into a museum.

There are also all kinds of fun items at the Van Gijn House, at the Dordrechts Museum and Het Hof van Nederland, which you can use to explore the museum in your own fun way. The Van Gijn House has the ‘Inspecteur Ziezo’ audio tour, the Dordrechts Museum a family-friendly game of dice called ‘Werp jezelf door the museum’ and in Het Hof van Nederland you can play ‘Het Grote Hofspel’.

If you decide to visit the city on a hot summer’s day, then don’t forget to take a cooling plunge in Wantijbad. This open-air swimming pool is located in Wantij Park and is very popular with the people of Dordrecht. It has various swimming pools and a lawn where you can sunbathe.

The swimming pond in Hollandse Biesbosch is also a wonderful place for a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day. And in the adjoining Speeldernis playground, you can blow off some steam on the zip wire, the hanging bridge and the slide. Buy some chips or an ice-cream in the restaurant.

If the sun’s not on your side, you can always head to the indoor pool at Optisport Sportboulevard to swim some laps. You can easily get to this multi-purpose sports centre from the city centre by bus.†

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