For young adventurers

What makes a visit to Dordrecht particularly appealing to children? Using these tips they can playfully discover the city and the natural world.

Urban farm Weizigt DordrechtStroking animals
Chickens, goats, cows, horses and many more animals live in the Stadsboerderij (urban farm) in the Weizigtpark. They amble around the field, or shelter snug and warm in the farm building of the Duurzaamheidscentrum (sustainability centre) Weizigt. The animals are fed their evening meal at 4 o'clock, and you can help to feed them.

Playing outside
The Weizigtpark has a freely accessible playground where you can climb, swing or play on the cableway. You can drag branches around, build huts, sail a float and romp around in the Speelbos (play wood) in the Hollandse Biesbosch or in the Speelbos in De Elzen forest. Near the lake in the Hollandse Biesbosch, where you can swim and enjoy the beach, is the Speeldernis, an adventure playground.

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At home with Simon van Gijn
More than a century ago,†Simon van Gijn and his wife lived in the stately mansion on the Nieuwe Haven that is currently a museum. There is lots to see on the four floors of Huis van Gijn! Van Gijn was a banker, but he was also an enthusiastic collector. For instance, the attic contains an extensive collection of antique toys.

Dordrecht view from Grote KerkClimbing the tower
Did you know that the tower of the†Grote Kerk in Dordrecht tilts more than the world-famous tower of Pisa? Take a deep breath before you climb the 275 steps. At the top, you can rest while being rewarded with a spectacular view of the old city. On a clear day, you can even see the high-rise buildings of Rotterdam!

Nature adventure
There is something to experience in the Biesbosch every season! Did you know, for instance, that it is home to a family of beavers? The Beverbos (beaver wood) gives you lots of information about these rodents (Europe's largest) and even lets you see where they live. Put on your boots and long trousers and take the Zonnepont ferry to the Griendmuseumpad (willow museum path). Visit one of Children Biesboschthe huts where the people who coppiced the willows used to sleep and cook their meals. A canoe lets you take an exciting trip through the narrow brooks of the Biesbosch. You can hire a canoe, rowing boat or electric boat from the Biesbosch Centre.

Ship Ahoy!
A flood in 1421 left Dordrecht an island. This is easy to see from the water. Board a boat at the†Biesbosch Centre and see the banks of the island from the water. Or act like the Dutch King and Queen on King's Day and tour the old inner harbours.

If being on the water makes you queasy, you can take the†Dordrecht Tours train to tour the beautiful innercity.

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